Asia Outdoors is excited to offer our brand new guidebook for the Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay, and Cat Ba Island region of Vietnam. Published in January 2016, this is the region's first updated climbing guidebook since 2008. It offers the most up-to-date information on the various crags and walls around the Cat Ba Island archipelago as well as a host of other useful tidbits.


In general of life, when people have a passion for only one thing and they try with their hardest possibility (even they have only a normal possibility), they still get a certain success. Even if the person with the hardest try and highest determination…
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Afternoon Vietnamese’s tea only for customized tour

Nowadays, the competition is a trend in the development of tourism worldwide. Competition is motivating for growth of the market and for the company itself. This is the key to create the prosperity and development of each company in particular ...
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Tai Chi with mysterious beauty on Pelican Halong Cruise

Perhaps no one in this world has ever heard of Tai Chi - traditional martial arts originating from China in the 12th century. Tai Chi martial was universal throughout the world and it is very popular variations in Asian countries such as Vietnam, China,…
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How to choose the greatest Halong Bay cruise tour

Halong Bay is one of Seven Wonders of the World and popular travel destination in Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam. A common question of any tourist when choosing the Halong Bay cruise is: depend on which criteria to find the great one for their trip?
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MICE with Pelican Halong Cruises

MICE tourism today is becoming the trend prevailing worldwide. This form of tourism combined conferences at the highest effective of the work but it is still giving tourists the perfect value of a tour. MICE connect and link business partners together…
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New Year Wishes 2016 from Pelican Halong Cruises, CHUC MUNG NAM MOI 2017 - HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017, the first word, Pelican Cruises Join Stock Company would like to congratulate the new year 2017 is a happiness, health and successes to all your customers…
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Teambuilding is inclined toward more and more developing travel – teambuilding production in the world in general and Viet Nam in particular. This is a kind of game which connecting everybody in the organization or in the company…it makes…
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Experience Halong Bay Cruise

When you hear about travelling to Vietnam, the first thing you usually think of is Halong Bay. Halong Bay is a sight for the eyes where nature and legend come together to form an incredible landscape.
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